Morelia Viridis

Chromatic Chondros

Welcome to our small hobbyist aspiring breeding of Green Tree Pythons, Chromatic Chondros. Passionate and dedicated, we house a small collection of these fascinating green tree pythons.

Discover our dedicated approach to the preservation of this unique species.

About us

At Chromatic Chondros, our passion for reptiles began in September 2021 with our first Green Tree Pythons.

We are a small, passionate hobbyists aspiring breeding and exclusively dedicated to this species, with a carefully selected group of Biak and Sorong localities.

All of our animals are captive-born.

We are simply hobbyists, and under no circumstances will we sell or produce animals for the purpose of making a profit or to make our living.

Our long-term goal is to exclusively work with Cross & Designer morphs in an attempt to produce animals with blue/black phenotypes. We will also keep a pair of Sorong locality that we particularly appreciate.

Morelia Viridis

Our projects

In this year 2023, at Chromatic Chondros, we are venturing into reproduction for the first time.

We are aware of the challenges that lie ahead, but we are excited at the prospect of contributing to the development of this fascinating species and sharing this adventure with you.

Discover our projects