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Morelia Azurea Utarensis Lereh - On paper, this is a well-known locality that has been recognized for years, although it is admittedly less common than Biaks or Arus.


It is sometimes confused with the Jayapura locality due to its similarly continuous and distinctive dorsal pattern. This has led to significant issues with corrupted lineages over the years in captivity.

Morelia Viridis

However, it is worth noting that as adults, the Jayapura is significantly smaller in size and inhabits lowland areas close to the coast, while the Lereh is a mainland locality found in more mountainous regions. Please refer to the map, with the prominent red dot marking the Lereh's range.

Morelia Viridis

The blue coloration is marked in a very similar manner to that of a Jayapura during the first few months of their lives. However, with age, one can observe slightly more thickness in the dorsal region compared to the Jayapura, and the dorsal line tends to fade less over time. Both localities have minimal significant white spotting on their bodies. Occasionally, in a Lereh clutch, Offspring can be either born red or yellow.

Morelia Viridis

Both Jayapuras and Lerehs, due to their more reserved nature, can often be challenging to establish successfully.

Credits text and photos : Steve Schmitt